GAMA Report – Day 1


GAMA Report, Day 1

Sunday, March 13th, 10:00am

It’s raining here in Seattle, with a storm forecast to hit the coast this afternoon as I sit at the airport waiting for my plane. I’m leaving all of this weather to escape to the sun and the dry that is the American Southwest. To the enclosed, environmentally controlled, artificial playground that is Las Vegas.

For work. Yes, I’m going for work. For the annual Game Manufacturer’s Association convention called GAMA. Four days of seminars, sales pitches, reassurances and manufactured smiles. Oh, maybe I’ve been struck cynical by all the grayness out the window. All I need is some margaritas by the foot. Luckily I’m going to the right place.

But not just for work. You can’t go to Vegas without having a little bit of fun, right? Well, this year I’m accompanied by my lovely girlfriend, Jen. She’s got some plans of her own and will be flitting in and out of the city over the week, but we’ve got some fun things planned too. Nighttime helicopter rides across the city, partying our way up and down Fremont Street, gorging on gigantic buffets …

But this is the beginning of the trip and I may be getting ahead of myself. Beginnings are a time for plans, but I think goals may be more interesting to hear about on the front-end, and then we can judge at the end how successful the trip wound up being.

I have some good goals. First off, is to keep a good diary/blog of the trip. That was my goal last year, and I fell behind and never really caught up. So this time, I’m going to get out a diary entry every day, today through Saturday.

Convention-wise there are a lot of things I want to do: The Asmodee/Fantasy Flight/Days of Wonder merger has caused a lot of changes and speculation, and I’m very eager to hear from them how things are going, what their plans are, and what they’re trying to accomplish. It should also be quite the spectacle to watch them do damage control after last week’s breaking of street dates that some of their new policies were _supposed_ to stop.

I want to get a good handle on what new releases people are excited about and be able to communicate that to all of you.

But most of all, I want to refresh my batteries and get really excited about the coming year. Running Around the Table is extremely rewarding, but it’s also challenging and exhausting. For me, there are two things that really inspire me and excite me (besides games): travel and conventions. My first convention was in 1981, and I don’t think there’s been a year since that I haven’t been to at least one small one. Sometimes I won’t even play a game, but seeing everyone so passionate about this great hobby of ours fills me with hope and joy.

And I want to get some poker in. I love poker, but haven’t had a whole lot of time to play over the last few years, so it out to be fun!

Keep looking here for updates — at least once a day, and I’ll bring you along on my little adventure.


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