GAMA Report – Day 2


Monday, March 14th, 11:30am

I’ve just been down to pick up my badge and register for convention. I’m officially here! Next stop is a seminar/lecture by one of my favorite people, Kenneth Hite. I don’t know what’s he’s talking about, but I’m sure it will fabulous. I’ll type up a brief overview later.

Yesterday was full of airplanes and airports and shuttles and waiting in lines to give people money. I’m staying at the Paris Hotel, which is next door to Bally’s where the convention is. It is a MUCH nicer hotel and has a wonderfully calming, old-world ambiance while still having the crazy-hectic, how-am-I-going-to-have-fun-next atmosphere that is so much a part of Las Vegas. We finally made it to our room and settled in by about 4pm.

Who is “we?” My girlfriend Jen came along too and it was her first real trip outside of Washington. Vegas is old-hat to me, and I love it here, so we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then explored the Paris Hotel and Bally’s next door, where the convention itself is. But before too much of that, it was time to catch our 6:30 shuttle to our next adventure.

After a long bus ride across town to pickup other people we made it to Vegas’ other airport and after a quick orientation we were up in a helicopter circling over the bright lights of the city. And it was beautiful! Exciting and windy and turbulence-tastic are also good words for it. It was pretty quick, 15 minutes of zooming down the Strip and back, but such a rush of excitement! And not as expensive as you might think.

After that and a couple-block walk down the Strip at night, and we were ready for some sleep.

So now it’s Monday and GAMA is about to start. Jen has rented a car and is off to Arizona to visit some old friends — she won’t be back until Wednesday night. I’m really excited. I do love conventions!1480_1084710548218923_76724890981934749_n12472822_1084710284885616_3754521247197015502_n

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