GAMA – Day 2


Tuesday, March 15th, 8:30am

Phew! A late night results in an early, blurry morning.

The first day of the convention got off to a slow start, Ken Hite’s plane was fogged in, so his seminar, the first of the show, was canceled. That was pretty disappointing, but I skipped over and went to one called Board Game Leagues. It had some good ideas, but really it was geared toward small Magic shops and trying to get them to see that people would come in and play in board games if they scheduled regular events.

Next was a seminar called Finance 101, which was a one hour introduction to bookkeeping and accounting. Obviously it was just a quick skip over a complicated subject, but it really pointed out all the things I don’t know about this subject. There was good stuff in there, and I want to learn more now!

A presentation on Store Layout and Design was probably the most interesting of the day, but was primarily based on the on the book, Why We Buy, which I realized is sitting on my bookshelf at home unread … I should really fix that. You can probably look to some small changes around the store over the next few months based on that hour.

And then it was off on my own recognizance. A relaxed but stuffing dinner was followed by a late night at the poker tables. For those of you who are keeping score like last year, I was almost immediately down $300 to some stupid mistakes, but managed to scrabble back up and end the night having only lost $60.

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