Yesterday: The Big Book of Madness


I played a 2 player game of this yesterday and was impressed!

It’s a cooperative deck-building game where the players are students at a school for wizards (where have I heard that one before?).  We’ve found a mysterious book and opened it, releasing 6 monsters.  Our goal is to defeat them all (kind of) and close the book. Sounds simple, right?

And it is … or at least the rules are.  On your turn you play cards: There are four colors of magic and by playing them you can either cast spells (we each start with 4 and can buy more as the game progresses), buy higher power magic cards or buy off Madness cards which you collect during the game and clog up your hand.  And of course, fight off the monsters.

But the meat of the game is in those 4 spells.  They don’t seem to do much early on, but as the game goes on thy turn out to be very powerful, mostly through giving other players extra actions, giving them cards, letting other draw cards, etc., making it very cooperative.

It passes the most important test: I’m thinking about it the next day and want to play again!

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