Four day extravaganza of games!


A four day extravaganza of games!

I was honored to be invited to a local gaming tradition: the 18th Annual Games Weekend on Whidby Island.

Brad and I drove up yesterday (Thursday) over precarious, ice covered roads and after a delicious lunch in Langley, WA, arrived at Camp Casey around four.

Camp Casey and the neighboring Fort Casey, are decommissioned army fortifications, part of a network of forts built to protect the Puget Sound from enemy naval forces. Now, however, it is a park, and the group rents out the old Quartermaster’s Quarters for the day event.

Getting here, we got right into gaming with a game of Century: Spice Road. It’s one of my favorites – simple and elegant yet full of challenges and room for mistakes.

After dinner, I finally got a chance to play Tokaido. By no means a new game, I’ve wanted to give this a try for years but it just never happened, that is until now. Very flavorful, and easy to learn, but to my mind lacks a lot of replayibility.

We finished up the night with a learning game of Scythe that went late into the wee hours of the night. All five of us were new to the game and everyone who knew how to play was busy playing other games, so we powered through the rules and had a great time of it.

As everyone has told me I would, I really like this game. Lots of things going on, lots of small differences between the different factions, the ability to play aggressively or defensively, gorgeous art and pieces all combine to make a game I want to play some more.

By then it was two in the morning and time for bed.

It’s now 10:30 on Friday morning, I was the last one to get up, so I’m wandering around, infusing myself with coffee, and observing the 20+ people here play games.

It feels good…really good.

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