A few weeks late is better than never …


A few weeks late is better than never…

The rest of the game weekend was also a blast!  So many games.

Five Minute Dungeon was fast furious fun.  Not sure how much replay there is in it, but it was a blast.

We had a quick game of Harvest Dice.  A fine family game, but I was expecting more.

Planetarium was another game that I brought.  Good fun, especially for a fairly educational game.  Absolutely beautiful.

We did a quick trip over the Fort proper and picked up trash around the park.  It was very cold and tremendously windy, which made it not the most fun.  I got to watch one of the Washington State ferries struggle against the wind out in the sound.  Seeing such a big ship being blown sideways was pretty amazing.

But then it was back to games.  An oldie but a goodie was Troyes.  My first time playing and would definitely play again.

After that it was my turn to make dinner.  I made my mother’s award winning chili recipe was was devoured and enjoyed by all.

Palace of Mad King Ludwig was the evening game and was terrible.  Worst game of the weekend by a long shot.

The last real day of the weekend started with Civilization: A New Dawn which blew me away with its awesomeness.  Brilliantly designed, very little borrowed from other games, intuitive and simple, this empire building game played in less than two hours.  Can’t wait to play it again!

Raiders of the North Sea was also very good!  I had played Shipwrights of the North Sea and was greatly disappointed, but Raiders, thankfully, did not follow that trend.  Fun twist of a worker placement game.  Now I just need to player Explorers!

There followed a long, fun game of Hart an der Grenze (not pictured) and then a late night game of Medici which is always fun.

Sunday we cleaned up the place and got in one last game of Liar’s Dice.

All in all is was a great getaway of board gaming.  I don’t have time enough (read that as _make_ time enough) to play that many games anymore and this was an intense binge of gaming that completely reinvigorated my love for playing.

Thanks so much to Chris and all the others for organizing the whole weekend!  You did a great job! Maybe I’ll have time to do it again next year!


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